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Dr Robert Rines (continued)

Monster head and an artist's impression. 1975 Dr. Rines

A picture of Monster's head, 1975 and an artist's sketch showing more detail.

One of the world's foremost experts on dinosaurs, Dr. Chris McGowan of the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, giving his personal view, said : "I am satisfied that there is a sufficient weight of evidence to support that there is an unexplained phenomenon of considerable interest in Loch Ness; the evidence suggests the presence of large aquatic animals." Another of the worlds most eminent zoologists, Professor A. W. Crompton, Director of the Harvard University Museum of Camparative Zoology said : "I personally find them (the underwater photographs) extremely intriging and sufficiently suggestive of a large aquatic animal to both urge and recommend that, in the future, most intensive investigations be undertaken in the Loch."Sir Peter Scott who, among his many responsibilities, was Chairman of the World Wildlife Fund, said the underwater pictures, in conjunction with the earlier film records, left no further doubt in his mind that large animals exist in Loch Ness.The only group of zoologists who had studied the material but who concluded that it contained no evidence of large unknown animals in the Loch was a group from the British Museum of Natural History. As in 1972 the British Museum acknowledged that the new pictures were entirely authentic but concluded that they did not constitute "acceptable evidence" of the existence of an unidentified species in Loch Ness.

Meanwhile, the animals were given a scientific name "Nessiteras rhombopteryx" by Sir Peter Scott so that they could be added to Britains schedule of officially protected wildlife. The name, translated from the Greek, means "The wonder of Ness with the diamond shaped fin", a reference to the flipper photographed by Dr Rines in 1972.N.B It was discovered that if you re-arranged the letters of Nessiteras rhombopteryx it could read "Monster hoax by Sir Peter S" or as Dr Rines found it could also read " Yes, both pix are Monsters R."


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Dr Robert Rines
Dr Robert Rines  (continued)
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