The Evidence

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All sighting and photographic references on this page are documented and can be verified through various publications.


Drawings and Opinions

Below you will find other evidence which people have put foward over the years. This includes drawings, sketches and facts as told by themselves.

Various body shaped drawings.

This drawing shows various body shapes sketched by different observers.
Statistics : In 20% of sighting a back or body is reported as distinct from the appearance of humps, and the most common description is that of 'an upturned boat', but others have said : "It looked like an elephants back - stood about 4ft high and 10-12ft in length - an egg-shaped body - seen end on there is a distinct angle at apex of back - a long dark body - like a gigantic eel 25ft in length and 5ft in diameter." description such as these are not very specific and the best that can be said for them is that the majority refer to some very large object.

A Nessie drawing

This one is an impression of the monster based on average statistics showing the 2 humps most commonly reported.
Statistics : "Humps" appear in no less of 45% of sightings, but these must be sub-divided because the number of humps vary in quite an extraordinary manner. From amongst 45 separate statements, 8 refer to 1 hump, 19 to 2 humps, 9 to 3 humps and the remainder to a varied number of humps or 'coils' up to a counted total of 12. Generally speaking, there appear to be 3 basic triangular humps, the largest in the middle, standing 3 to 4ft above the surface, 5-6ft inlength at the waterline, and separated by 6-8ft of clear water from the other 2 humps. This adds up to an overall visible length of 30ft or so. In all the hundred reports no one has ever referred to a hump as a fin. Probably the only certain thing about them is that they are most peculiar, and a complete stumbling block to science.

This is a drawing of the animal described by Mr and Mrs Spicer seen crossing the road near Dores in 1933.

On the 22nd of July 1933 a most extraordinary thing happened, so extraordinary it taxed the imagination of even the most confirmed believers. Driving down the narrow road, early one morning, between the village of Dores and Inverfarigaig, Mr Spicer and his wife saw 'a most extraordinary form of animal' crossing the road ahead ; which at this point lay some 20 yards from the water. First a long neck appeared, undulating rapidly, forming a number of arches. It was a little thicker than an elephants trunk and stretched the width of the road, and behind it a huge ponderous body, lurched againly towards the Loch. In seconds it crossed the road, and disappeared through the bushes out of sight. The Spicers ; at first some 200 yards distant, accelerated towards it, but when they arrived there was nothing to see, just a gap in the undergrowth through which the creature must of passed. They heard no splash, but the noise of the car engine might well of drowned it ; neither did they see any limbs, but the creature's lower extremities were obscured by a dip in the road, which at this place was some 10-12ft in width. The animals body was about 4ft high and together with the neck, about 25ft in length. Staggered and curiously repelledby what they had seen the Spicers withstood the barrage of questions levelled at them after the event by various interested people.

Drawing of Nessie

This is a drawing of the animal seen by Mr Grant near Abriachan, on the 5th of January 1934.

For more details of this sighting see ' Searching for Nessie'

Drawing of Nessie

This sketch was done by a Mrs Moir of Inverness. The sighting occured in October 1936. Mrs Moirs statement is as follows :

One October afternoon a friend took my sister, mother-in-law, my young daughter and myself for a little trip by car to Foyers. On the return journey, at a place where the road runs very close to the Loch, about 3 miles from Foyers, my sister suddenly shouted, "Look, there's the Monster". We all got out of the car and ran to the waters edge. There, before us , at a distance of 1/3 of the width of the Loch away from us was this wonderful creature. It was a perfect view, if we had a camera the most convincing picture of the Monster ever taken could have been obtained, but alas! we had neither camera or binoculars. It was a perfect setting. There were three distinct humps, a long slender neck ending in a small head, and the overall length appeared to be 30ft approximately. I could see no details of eyes, mouth etc. but the outline was all beautifully clear - the three humps, head and neck. The middle hump was the highest, the one behind the neck was smaller and the in between size was at the back, sloping in a graceful line down to, and under, the water. The creature was quite stationary and it often dipped it's head into the water either feeding or amusing its self. We watched in awe and amazement, for about 5-8mins; then suddenly it swung round away from the shore, and shot across the Loch at a terrific speed, putting up a wash. All the time I could see a small dark spot, perhaps the highest hump, perhaps the head. When it eventually came to rest I noticed the humps had disappeared ; the back was now more or less straightened out, but the neck and head were as before. The creature was in full view for 14mins. I have no idea how much of the body was underneath the water, but what we saw was a huge creature, evidently very powerful, graceful and quite at ease on and in the water. A thrilling experience - I actually saw the Loch Ness Monster, resting, and travelling at speed, I saw the humps, then the straightened out back.


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