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All sighting and photographic references on this page are documented and can be verified through various publications.


Index of Landbased Monster Sightings

Walking dino

Observer: A group of children near graveyard
Date: 1879
Place: North shore
Description: Observed strange creature coming down hillside to loch. Colour as an elephant, small head turning side to side on long neck. 'Waddled into water.'

Observer: E.H. Bright and cousin
Date: 1880
Description: Observed 'monster' emerge from wooded area and 'waddle' into water on four legs. Left wash after entering water. Long neck, dark grey.

Observer: Gypsy woman
Date: 1890's
Place: Unknown
Description: Unknown

Observer: Five or six children including William MacGruer
Date: 1912
Place: Inchnacardoch Bay
Description: Queer looking animal moved to the Loch and vanished in the water. Compared to a camel but smaller, long neck, humped-back and fairly long legs, sandy pale yellow colour.

Observer: Mrs Peter Cameron and 2 brothers
Date: 1919
Place: Unknown
Description: Small head like a camel, long neck, humped-back and 4 limbs. Colour like a camel.

Observer: Alfred Cruickshank
Date: April1923 at night
Place: Unknown
Description: Body 10-12ft long, tail 10-12ft long. Maximum diameter of body, 5-7ft, Arched back. Khaki green colour, lighter underbelly. Four legs, thick like an elephants, with large webbed feet.

Observer: Alec Muir
Date: 1930's
Place: Inverfarigaig
Description: A 'monster' alleged to have crossed the road in front of car. Left visible trail and depressed area in moss where it must have been lying.

Observer: School children
Date: 1930's
Place: Drumnadrochit
Description: They said they had seen a most peculiar and horrifying animal in the bushy swamp in Urquhart Bay

Observer: Mrs Eleanor Price-Hughes
Date: 1933
Place: Unknown
Description: Alleged to have seen 'monster' emerge from the bushes and vanish into Loch. Carried something pink in mouth. (note: it has been said that this sighting was a hoax)

Observer: David Stewart
Date: March 1933
Place: Altsigh
Description: A grey coloured creature came out of the bushes and disappeared into the Loch, it had a long neck.

Observer: George Spicer
Date: July 22nd 1933
Place: Unknown
Description: Length 6-8ft long, thick body, long neck, greyish colour, saw near where neck joined body something flapping up and down. (They later decided it was tail bent round) Maximum diameter 4-5ft. Observed 150-200 yds away.

Observer: Mrs M. F MacLennan
Date: August 1933
Place: Unknown
Description: Observed a dark grey mass on the beach estimated 20-25ft in length, back looked ridged, had several humps on it. When asked about limbs, Mrs MacLennan replied saying it had short, thick, clumsy legs with a kind of hoof very like a pigs but much larger.

Observer: Mrs Reid
Date: December 1933
Place: Inverfarigaig
Description: Strange animal resting on slope of Loch shore. Partially obscurred by bracken. Hairy mane on neck, rest of body seemed hairy. Shaped like a hippopotamus, large round head, short thick legs, dark colouration.

Observer: Mr Arthur Grant
Date: January 1934
Place: Unknown
Description: Small head and long neck, bulky body with 2 slight humps, long tail, rounded at end. Head like an eel with large eyes. Overall length 15-20ft, tail 5-6ft, neck 3-4ft long, maximum diameter 4ft. Colour was black or dark brown. Four flippers, front flippers strong.

Observer: Doreen Taylor
Date: February 1934
Place: Foyers
Description: Large creature with long neck and short body, its legs were very thick and it had webbed feet.

Observer: Patricia Harvey and Jean MacDonald
Date: February 1934 at night
Place: Inchnacardoch Bay
Description: Observed an animal crossing a stream by moonlight, moving out of sight towards the Loch. Thick body at shoulder tapering towards tail, dark colour, underside of neck white, 4 short legs. Height about 6ft, length 8-10ft. Moved with speed.

Observer: Miss Margaret Munro
Date: June 5th 1934
Place: Unknown
Description: Using binoculars observed at 200-300 yds, an animal almost clear of the water for 25mins. Giraffe like neck, small head, dark grey body, and two very short forelegs or flippers clearly seen.

Observer: Mr Torquil Macleod
Date: February 28th 1960
Place: Unknown
Description: Observed on opposite shore of the Loch, grey black mass at a distance of 1700yds. Used binoculars 7x50. Estimate animal 45ft in length. Observed one pair of paddles, thought he saw a third, square end flipper forward of the other pair, described one end like elephants trunk. Finally flopped into water

Observer: Members of the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau Ltd camera team.
Date: June 6th 1963
Place: Achnahannet
Description: A dark object was filmed at the water's edge on a small beach 2.5 miles from the Achnahannet main camera rig, slight movement seems to occur, but may be caused by wave action or halation. Size estimated by Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre, 7-17ft.


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