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Drawings and Opinions

Drawing of NessieThis drawing was done by the son of a Mrs Finlay from Inverness, 1952.Mrs Finlay a resident of Inverness, and her small son happened to be near the north-east shore of the Loch near to Aldourie Pier off Tor Point, when the monster appeared quite literally a few yards away in the water. She said she could of hit it with a pebble.

"I was sitting outside the caravan when I heard a continual splashing in the water. After several moments past and realising this was not the usual wash from a boat I walked round. To my surprise I saw what I believe to be the Loch Ness Monster. My son and I stood looking at this creature in amazement. Although I was terrified, we stood and watched until it submerged, which it did very quickly causing waves to break on the shore . We had an excellent view as it was so close to the shore. It's skin was dark in colour and looked very tough. The neck was long and held erect. The head was about the same width as the neck. There were 2 projections from it, each with a blob on the end. This was not a pleasant experience. I certainly never want to see the monster again."

Drawing of Nessie

This drawing is of a sighting in 1934.
In May 1934 Mr Alexander Campbell, a water bailiff for over 40 years at Loch Ness had a sighting of the monster. He was standing at the mouth of the River Oich one beautiful morning in May gazing across the Loch in the direction of Borlum Bay. His attention was drawn to a strange object that seemed to shoot out of the calm waters almost opposite the Abbey boathouse. His description as shown in his sketch, is of a swanlike neck reaching 6ft or so above the water at its highest point, and the body, a darkish grey glistening with moisture was at least 30ft long. He gauged this carefully in his minds eye by placing 2 ordinary rowing boats of 15ft overall length end to end, and he didn't think he was far wrong with size. Watching and wondering if he had time to run for his camera, he heard the noise of the engines of 2 trawlers which were proceeding down the lower basin of the Caledonian Canal, which enters the Loch almost along side the Abbey boathouse. The animal certainly must of heard, or sensed, the approach of these vessels too, for he saw it turn its head in an apprehensive way, this way and that, and, apparently being timid, it then sank rapidly out of sight, lowering the neck in doing so and leaving a considerable disturbance on the mirror-like surface of the Loch. He said the animal would hve been some 400 yards from where he stood, possibly less, and he had a very clear view of it which lasted several minutes.

Drawing of Nessie's ancestor

This is a sketch of a possible ancestor of the Loch Ness Monster an Elasmosaurus(Plesiosaurs).


The picture on the right is the skeleton of a Plesiosaur, extinct for 70 million years.




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