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This sighting occurred on Saturday 19th September 1998 and is told by

Mr and Mrs Robert Carter from Marsden, West Yorkshire.

We had just arrived at Strone Holiday Chalet near Urquhart Castle, overlooking Urquhart Bay. It was about 3:00pm. We parked the car at the rear of the chalet and were preparing to unload the car. My husband decided to stand and admire the view over Urquhart Bay, when he noticed a black object in the water of about 14 foot in length. He stood for some 30 seconds trying to identify what the object was and not being able to he ran back to the car, opened the boot and reached for his binoculars. He asked me to come and look at the object with him. We both went to the side of the chalet and I also saw the same dark object in the water. My husband stood looking at it through binoculars for about 30 to 45 seconds until it disappeared under the water. I myself was looking at it with the naked eye and can also say it was a large dark object, around 14 foot in length. It looked to have a body and a head and it was animate, then it sunk into the water without any obvious diving motion.
My husband's description of the object is very similar to mine. He saw a black, slick object of about 14 feet in length and stood 3 feet out of the water, there was no visible signs of flippers, fins, or a tail. It's head appeared to be perfectly round, like a football, but with obvious sign of a muzzle i.e. like that of a seal. The object was moving slowly through the water with a slight bow wave, and it did not arch its back to dive, it just gently slipped below the water. On Saturday the 19th the weather conditions were fine and clear and we did not notice any vessels in the Bay at the time, the water was very calm.

Both my husband and myself have in the past observed dolphins and seals in the wild and this object did not look like either. We have been visiting the Loch Ness area for about 4 years and have seen the Loch's water in many different moods, also we have observed the wakes from boats and have seen wind slicks and dark shapes on the water which are often mistaken for Nessie. What we observed was none of the aforementioned, it was a solid object moving through the water.

Although we have ruled out what it was not, neither of us know what it was. All we can say is that we saw a large, black animal in Loch Ness.


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